April 14th 2013 is a big day for JKT48 member and JKT48 Operation Team (JOT). The very first individual handshake event for JKT48 was held to commemorate the first JKT48 album in Indonesia titled Heavy Rotation. To participate in this event, you must buy JKT48 Album Type B (Theater Type) at JKT48 Theater, 1 album for 1 member. I was bought 11 albums to get a chance shaking hand with my oshimen and my favorite members. If you think 11 is a big amount, you are totally wrong, because my friend can buy 32 albums, only for her oshimen kwkwkwk

Usually I don’t write this kind of stuff, especially in my blog, but this handshake event was sooo memorable and interesting for me to be shared. Every single person on that event must be having different story and different impression with their oshimen. So I will share it here and I hope it’s not so delusional xD


The day started with I woke up late and thanks to my mom she woke me up and told me that it’s already 08.00. I planned to depart on 09.00 at first because my first handshake schedule is 10.50. I ended up leave my home at 10.15. Yes that was too late haha luckily the traffic was so friendly at that time, so that I could arrive at theater on 11.10.

A day before, I made my gameplan for handshake event (below picture). Yeah I make some strategy to make everything organized. Yeah as you know, my favorite members are in the same session, so that I have to make everything goes as plan. The one whose underlined is black is mine while the orange one is my friend’s.


So, my handshake order was Thalia – Trainee 3x (Session 2) -> Acha – Trainee (Session 2) ->  Haruka – Team J (Session 3) -> Kinal – Team J 3x (Session 4) -> Saktia – Trainee 3x (Session 6) -> Go Home

When I was going to exchange my form with handshake ticket, the theater was not crowded, the queue was controllable. Hmm maybe because I came a bit late hehe so the crowd was already decreasing. By the way, the most challenging session for me is Session 2 which is 3 members of mine will be here -_- and worse is Thalia is standing beside Kinal. Huft

I arrived at exchange desk, we were allowed to exchange maximum 3 tickets, I was going to exchange Thalia for 3 tickets at once, but I was still confuse with the system so the staff suddenly gave me 2 Thalia’s and 1 Kinal’s. aaaaa it was different with my plan! Because of that, I changed my plan to Plan B which is doing handshake session with Kinal in Session 2 too.

Handshake Session 2 – The Longest Session Ever

When I went inside the venue, I saw a few people there which is not as crowd as I thought (yeah I was late remember haha). A very very good timing haha Then I apply some hand sanitizer to my both hand and ready for my first handshake. I was going to Line 4 (Thalia), she was idle at that time, She already smile at me from afar. My heart was beating intensely. I was totally blank when our eyes met. First time is for warming up I think haha that was so awkward, plus there were some camera and staff who were observing us. I felt ashamed. I need some time to get my soul back and start the conversation. Before I entered her line, I wanted to teaser her first hehe the situation at that time is Thalia was sitting down at her booth. then I showed up, I walked from line 1, line 2, line 3, she saw me,  suddenly she stand up hahaha, i continued walking to line 4, i stopped for a moment….and continued walking to line 5 HAHAHA sorry tata, i was just teasing you :p . but i came back to line 4 for Thalia hehe Here is our conversation:

Me: Haloo

Thalia: Haloo, apa kabar? (Hallo, how are you?)

Me: Apa Kabar? (How are you?)

Thalia: Baik (I am Fine)

Me: Aku juga baik. Kamu masih inget saya ga? (I’m fine too. By the way, do you still remember me?)

Thalia: Masih dong (Yes, of course)

Me: Kamu tau saya? (You know me?)

Thalia: Tau. (Yes *she smile*)

Me: Siapa? (Who?)

Thalia: hmm *mikir bentar* ninankara yaa (hmm *thinking* ninan.. kara)

Me: waaah pinter *sambil tepuk tangan sama ketawa2 sendiri* wkwkwk kamu masih inget sama suratku dulu ga? (waaa smart! *applause and giggling*, do you remember what I’d written to you at fanletter?)

Thalia: masih dong (yes I do)

Me: iya dulu saya tulis kl kamu itu unik, dan ternyata bener, kamu itu unik (I wrote that you are unique, and I am right that you are indeed unique)

Thalia: aah terima kasih (aah thank you)

— then blank —

Then suddenly Thalia continues the conversation but I got totally blank so that I can’t recall the detail of what she said! Grrr I hate that hahaha She gave me some motivation and I forgot wkkwkw

First Ticket Done. Mission Accomplished.

Then I went outside and exchange my other ticket first, I was afraid I am running out of time. I exchanged my ticket for Acha and Kinal 2x. I came back inside ready for my Second change to Thalia, but I was already run out of scenario haha I run into her line and doing some crab walking haha I was trying to hide from Kinal noticing me queuing there. In no time I already met her eyes again! I only stare her eyes and standing silently for some seconds until she broke it with her words.

Me: “Saya ga tau mau ngomong apa” (I don’t know what to say)

Thalia: “coba tenang dulu, jangan keringetan” (calm down, don’t be nervous)

Me: “ah udah keringetan ya?? *sambil kipas2*” (ahh, am I already sweating? *fanning my face*)

Thalia: “haha iya udah, coba tenang terus pikirin mau ngomong apa” (haha yes you are, please calm down and think again what to say)

-then in no time I got my topic haha-

Me: “tanggal 17 beneran ya mau renai” (on 17th, is true that you will perform at Renai Kinshi setlist?) *FYI, thalia is a trainee while renai kinshi is setlist for Team J, so I am excited to see her performance there substituting the team J member while they are on national test for graduation*

Thalia: “iyaa bener” (Yes, it’s true)

Me: “wah unit apa? Kode aja kode hehe” (wah, what unit song? Give me a code please hehe)

Thalia: “hmmm ayo coba tebak aku cocoknya unit apaa” (hmm, give a guess, what unit song I am suitable at)

Me: “hmm ntar aku pikirin dulu diluar haha ntar saya balik lagi” (hmm let me think first outside and I’ll be back)

Second Ticket Done.

I was planning to use my first ticket on Kinal but because there was so empty, Thalia could see me from afar and already smiling as if she knew that I was going to go to her line. Then I move backward, stay away from her eyesight and thinking first about her first unit song in renai while waiting Kinal’s queue empty. After Kinal’s queue was empty, I went to her line, line 5, and I didn’t expect this moment would happen -_- yeah, Thalia suddenly peeking at Kinal’s Line (actually the line between members is bordered by high room divider). I got shock and she saw me there, then spontaneously I said to Thalia “nanti ya gentian 😀 haha (give me a moment please, one by one 😀 haha)”. This is what has happened:

Me: haloo lama ga ketemu 🙁 (hallo, long time no see)

Kinal: iyaaa, lama ga liat, lama banget 🙁 (iyaa, long time no see, soo long)

Me: Maaf ya lama ga nonton 🙁 (I’m so sorry because I can’t watch theater for long)

Kinal: ayo atuh nonton lagi.  (Please watch again next time)

Me: iya, lagi busy *saya ngejanya busi haha diplesetin* ga mau kalah lah sama kamu (I was so busy *I misspell the word “bu-si”* I don’t wanna lose to you :p)

Kinal: hah? Busi? *dia awalnya bingung, tp langsung ngeh mksdnya busy (sibuk)* ihh saya juga busi mau UN *ngikutin ngejanya salah -_-* (hah? *she confused with the word bu-si, then she suddenly realize that I mean “busy”* ihh I also bu-si for UN (National Examination))

Saya lupa, pokoknya ada momen dimana dia mau nonjok saya, udah siap2 tu kepalan tangannya, tp saya lupa pas saya ngomong apa haha pokoknya kocak lah. (actually, there is a moment when she lifted her fist to me and trying to punch me haha but I forgot it was happen when I said what word)

I want to continue but time’s up and Kinal said to me “yaah habiis, ntar lagi ya sesi 2 (yaaah time’s up, please back at 2nd session later). I only smile and answer yeah I will back haha

Third Ticket Done.

Now, I am ready for the last Thalia’s ticket. I line-up in Thalia’s line and continue our last conversation.

Me: kamu manatsu ya. (Manatsu?)

Thalia: *mikir bentar* kakak maunya aku unit apa (*thinking* what do you expect?)

Me: saya maunya kamu unit renai kinshi (I want you in Renai Kinshi unit)

Thalia: yaaah aku kan masih kecil, masa di renai kinshi (yaaah but I am still a kid, I am not suitable in that unit)

Me: ya udah HaGaVi aja kl gitu hehe terus sambil d twintail (oke then, how about HaGaVi *heart gata virus* hehe then you did twintail again)

Thalia: aah masa di twintail lagi, aneh tau ga cocok (aah no more twintail! It was weird)

Me: iih engga tau, kamu lucu kl d twintail hahaha cocok (iih It’s not. You are cute with that twintail)

Thalia: haha ya udah liat aja ntar pas hari H. ini aku latian buat hari H, semangatin terus ya (haha let’s see on the D-Day, I was still practicing for D-Day, always support me okay)

Me: haha oke, semangat yaa. Goodluck (haha okay, ganbatte!)

Fourth Ticket Done. Last Ticket for Thalia also Done.

Going for second chance with Kinal and planned to finish all the ticket I had with Kinal. Here are the chronologies:

I was queuing at Kinal’s, there is 1 person in front of me shaking hand with Kinal. While waiting, I take a look at Line 6 (Ayana’s Line). She was idle and drinking some water from her bottle. She was so cute while drinking like a Koala >.< Then I made a conversation with her:

Me: hee, kirain lagi tidur (hee I thought you were sleeping)

Ayana: yee masa tidur, engga lah -_- (yee, of course I’m not -_-)

Me: haha *laughing*

Ayana: jangan deg2an ya handshake sama Kak Kinal (don’t be nervous handshaking with Kinal *she mocked me -_-*)

Me: *standing in silent* ini juga udah deg2an ini (yes, I am already nervous -_-)

Then it’s my turn to face Kinal for the second time. I entered the booth shyly and Kinal copying me haha #kick

Kinal: wah ko tangannya dingin (wah, your hand is cold)

Me: iya tadi kan habis cuci tangan (yes, maybe because of the hand sanitizer)

Kinal: sini aku hangatin *sambil megangin tangan saya ngusap-ngusap lama* (let me warm your hand *her hand hold mine and rub it repeatedly)

Me: hahaha terima kasih. Btw saya mo ngomong serius nih (hahaha thank you. by the way I want to talk seriously with you)

Kinal: kenapa? *dia udah pasang tampang serius* (whats the matter? *she already give a serious expression*)

Me: hmmm *berusaha menenangkan diri dan memberanikan diri untuk bicara* Kamu..berubah. *gw langsung nunduk takut liat reaksinya Kinal*

Kinal: *jujur gw lupa ekspresinya dia kyk apa, dia diam sejenak terus lanjut bicara. tp lupa sih sebenernya habis itu gmn*

Me: iya kamu kyk stres gitu

Kinal: hmm mungkin gr2 UN kali yak

Me: oooh gitu, kirain gara2 jadi kapten. hehe jadi kapten berat ga sih

Kinal: haha engga itu mah. UN bikin stres.

Satpam: waktu habis. terus langsung lari, balik lagi k line-nya Kinal

Me: oke, lanjutin yang tadi. kamu tu kyk menahan sesuatu gitu. dulu pas pajama kyknya luwes, semangat, skrng ga gitu

Kinal: ngg *dia kyk meng-iyakan* pdhl seharusnya setlist yang skrng tu lebih santai gerakannya, tp malah jadinya galau gitu ya haha

Me: iyaaa saya kan jadi ikutan galau 🙁 (disini kita rebutan ngomong haha intinya kita sama2 grogi :v hahaha saya grogi, dia jg kyknya grogi atau bingung harus gimana, jd obrolannya agak awkward haha aduh ini memory handshake sama kinal ko kelam amat yak xD )

Kinal: bsk hbs UN balik semangat lagi deh ya hehe *sambil ngasih stiker, dia tau kali ya udah mo abis*

Me: nah gitu dong, kembalilah ke Kinal yang dulu. kl km semangat saya kan jd ikut semangat hahaha

Kinal: iya, semoga aja cepet balik kayak dulu ya 🙁 *ini saya liatnya kyk beneran dia jg sadar klo dia itu berubah, jadi sedih sayanya juga hiks*

Satpam: waktu habis

Kinal: Makasih kak, nonton lagi ya

Me: iyah 🙂 *sambil dadah dadah*

(sebenernya percakapan ini sudah berubah, tp maknanya ttp sama, karena saya pun lupa banget ama detailnya kwkwkw intinya buat Kinal..tetap semangat yaa! tahukah kamu kalau mulai saat kamu jadi Kapten, terus ganti setlist, kamu itu seperti dikurung oleh sesuatu, kehilangan jati diri. pengen nulis fanlet k kamu tapinya saya takut bikin tambah stres haha ya udah drpd kamu yang stres, mending saya aja yg stres :p)

Fifth and Sixth Ticket Done.

Now go for Achaaa~

There were 2 persons in front of me and I watch her and the fans that did handshaking with her. Oh my god, the fans were sooo funny so that I can’t hold my laugh wkwkwkwk

Acha was also so smart. She is sooo good in handshaking! She is good making a conversation flow so that the fans can speak to her. While the last person in front of me doing handshake, Acha noticed me and give a smile, when my turn came, this is what was happened:

Me: haloo mbeek Achaa~

Acha: hahaha mbek mbek

*her voice was cute, it is a bit hoarse but the tone is high*

Me: eh… *I want to start the conversation but Acha also say something at the same time* then I said “oh ya udah kamu duluan” (oh you go first)

Acha: Noella kaaan

Me: hah? *bingung* *I really have no idea of what she said*

Acha: ah ya udah mau ngomong apa (ah okay, what do you want to say?)

Me: udah ketemu belum kaos kakinya? (Have you found another pair of that sock?)

Acha: iyaa di Noella kan (yeaah, with Noella, right?)

Me: ooooh *now I realized of what she said before* oh my god she noticed what I am gonna say to her before I ask it. Amazing!!

to be continue

Haha I will continue this story in another page, because my conversation with Acha has a history back then hehehe

My Seventh Ticket. Done.

Okayyy my Session 2 is OVER. Fiuhh, 7 times at one session, each member gave me a different impression and story 😀 that was amazing. Many lesson learned from here. Then I went outside and had my shirt wet because of sweat :p that was an exhausting session haha and when I came outside, the session 2 is over too. The Session 3 begins. (To be continued)

All I can say from this session is…

Acha is the most memorable one, yep because of a pair of socks :v she is sooo cute >.< her face was so innocent. If I could pinch her cheek, then I would hahaha the way she told the story to me was cute. Aaah she is so smart, you do not have to speak much for her, she would tell you everything you want, even beyond my expectation. hehe

Kinal is the one whom I talk with seriously, I really want to get an answer from her about all of question that is bothering me for so long. Then I felt so relieved 🙂

Thalia is the hardest member to handle because I can’t manage myself and I was so nervous talking with her -_- I don’t know why!! Arggggh her face and expression still haunting me -_-

But I am so happy hahahaha so memorable and fun. Ohya, after handshake session, each of us will get chibi sticker of respective member. I have Ve’s sticker, but I didn’t handshake with her hahaha my friend gave me the sticker. thank youuu >.<


 Last Word…

10 seconds is a long time to do handshake and face to face with member, especially if you are nervous and have no idea what to say 😐

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