Due to some irresponsible hosting company, I lost my old domain (ninankara.net) T.T

I have been maintaining that domain for more than 7 years and I have to lost it just because that stupid hosting and domain company escaped until my domain was expired. I tried to contact them through a lot of media, but null. Well, I paid already to extend the domain for this year, but luck was not with me.

Anyway I tried to let my signature domain go and start to accept my new one.

Here is it.

Before expiration, I backed up my wordpress content and cpanel from my old hosting. I just import the back up to the new one. However, some picture and file are gone. I need to check one by one the content post, and replace the image, especially the header. I made good decision not to upload the content picture to the hosting haha I always use external URL to attach a image.

After organizing some contents, applying themes, customizing it, well, for now I just use the old theme and old layout. I plan to apply new one later when I had time hehe For now I focuses on making the website readable for visitor 🙂

I declared that today, ninankara.com , is launching!!!

Keeping writing and hope no issue occur in the future


Seoul, 2018 March 4th

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