About Me

Who I was from the start…

well, it is kind easy to describe me at the beginning hehe here is my short bio:

Name: Ninan Kara

Line: 1990

Blood Type: A

To easily describe my self, please refer to my blood type haha believe it or not, 90% is correct.

so, What kind of person I am:

While driving

While get an order

Degree of Patience

Why I am unlikeable

If I had a house

Purpose of Life

How I am studying

A-Type Overview

In the end, here I am


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jalil Nourmohammadi Khiarak

    Hi Dear Ninan Kara

    The first thing I want to say thanks for your the best tutorial about Open cv then I would like to work in turkey. Is there opportunity to work?

    I am a recent M.Sc. graduated in Artificial Intelligence from image processing and machine vision Lab (IPMV), EE Department, University Of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran (which is one of the best university in Iran).

    The below link (my personal website) and the attached CV provide the details. It shall be my pleasure to provide you with any additional information. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank you for taking time to consider my application.

    Personal Website: https://sites.google.com/site/jalilnourmohammadi/cv

    Best regard’s
    Jalil Nourmohammadi Khiarak

    1. Ninan

      Hi Jalil,

      Thanks for visiting my unmanaged-blog 😀
      About your application, I don’t understand why you applied to me because I don’t own any company or work in any company right now. I am also a student like you. Even your specification and experience are better than mine.
      I wish you great luck to start your career journey 🙂
      Nice to meet you.


      1. jalil

        Hi again
        I just ask you about work in Turkey…

        Because you live in Turkey, I want to know is there some opportunity to work there?

        Best Regards

  2. Edo

    Whoa! Akhirnya udah mengudara lagi nih! Hehehe…
    Semoga lebih awet ini ga ada kendala lagi.

    Btw, ora salah wong ning duwur kui
    Aku yo merasa hal yang sama, soale dirimu masukin artikel Open CV di kategori “Istanbul, Turki”
    Maune pas tak klik bayanganku sharing perjalanan ning Turki, lhaiki kok malah tutorial Open CV, wkwkwk

    Masih perlu dirapihkan meneh iki blogmu 😀

    1. ninan

      huahhaha fotomu jaman muda do xD

      perjalanan ke turki seseru opencv og do ahahaha

      hooh do. blm tak rapiin. blm smpt wingi wiken ad panggilan.

      anyway iseng bgt ngecek hahaha

      thank you lo

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