The problem started when I tried to connect my Samsung Pen notebook to 2nd monitor (HP Compaq LE1711). Quiet old monitor, isn’t it? 😀 My Samsung is equipped with HDMI port and the monitor only has VGA port. So I need to buy the HDMI-VGA cable, or adapter for my notebook. At first, I didn’t think much, I just bought the HDMI-VGA cable at Gramedia near my office.

I tried to connect, no result. The monitor couldn’t detect the signal. Owh, probably the cable was broken. Then I went to exchange the cable. As long as I hold the receipt, I can change the product anytime. Luckily there was one left for the same product. The seller said if this cable is broken too, then I need to wait for month to get the new one. I prayed hoping the cable would be working.

I tried again…. nothing change 🙁

I came back and refund the cable and buy the adapter instead. I really hope it would work. Otherwise I would give up.

I tried to connect… at first nothing happened. And my colleague was trying to help by trying the adapter on their pc and monitor. It works! So, these whole time, the problem was in my notebook and monitor! not in the cable or the adapter!

Why I never think that the notebook could be the problem was because I had another 2nd monitor in my room, and it works. Of course, the monitor was newer and I bought the adapter in Korea. So I thought the problem might be on the cable. I was wrong haha

I tried again, I tried to strengthen the screw… this time different result came out. This time the monitor could detect the signal, but it said “monitor is out of range. change your setting to 1280×1024 60Hz”

Woohoo, lightbulb came out. Simply I opened the Display Setting to change the resolution. Voila.. didn’t work xD

I tried to search the solution in Internet. But mostly the solution was for old version of Windows, probably. Because the setting was different to mine. Anyway, I tried to understand the concept and apply it for Windows 10.

I started to give up. Why? Because even I changed the resolution to lower one. It keep rolling back to original one when I connect it to the 2nd monitor. I tried to change it from BIOS, safe mode or anything like that. But it didn’t work. Even I almost tried to change the display driver, and almost remove it T.T

After several week, I had enough time to think and solve this problem. I read and read again all the solution I found on Internet. Voila~~ another lightbulb came. I found the setting to change the freshrate of the monitor. I change the rate of 2nd monitor, from 59Hz to 60Hz haha I knew, at first I thought, “would it really matter? its only 1Hz different. and the problem was the resolution?”

I tried… and it works 😐 magic!

What a good day


  1. Open Display Setting
  2. Go to Advanced Setting Configuration
  3. Open the “Option” configuration for the 2nd monitor
  4. In Monitor tab, change the rate into 60Hz
  5. Apply

After the display come out on 2nd monitor, you can revert back your notebook resolution to its original resolution.


Jakarta, 2019 Feb 7th