The first time I tried escape room genre game was in Seoul. Then when after some hangout friends have returned to Indonesia, I didn’t play any escape room for a while. One day, I contacted my good friend in Indonesia. She said that a new escape room game opened, called Pandora Experience. It is quiet new, so not many people know about it. I think the original game was coming from US, but I’m not sure either. What I know is that Pandora has a lot of game titles to play. Each title has its own genre and the story is adapted from many countries. They have one story that is adapted from Indonesia.

Okay, I’m sure I will play this escape room game when I am in Indonesia. Then, a few weeks later I got assignment for business trip to Indonesia. Without thinking much, I gathered 3 friends, so it would be getting more fun with more people playing.

For starter, We picked the shorter story with only 1 hour game play. If you check in the official website, most of the stories have 2 hour game play time limit, except the one in Ciputra Mall. Because the location is inside the mall, so it has to follow the mall operation hour I guess.

If you check, the interesting point about this Pandora is they have a lot of genre story with three different factor: Difficulty, Fear and Physical activity. The one with maximum fear factor has horror genre. You will expect some jump scares while doing the game haha For the first time player, I would recommend to not playing the horror genre, unless you are horror maniac haha We picked S.S Poseidon with 4 difficulty, 3 fear and 5 physical activity. That would be perfect for beginner.

The price is IDR 175.000, but they still in promotion time. You can buy cheaper ticket from Traveloka. Or, get 10% discount if you post picture online.

From now on, it will contain spoiler 🙂 Don’t open if you haven’t played this title yet.


In the first room, we watched background story video first. I don’t remember exactly, but we acted as spies who try to solve the mystery about the Poseidon submarine.

Btw, we can ask the game master any hints as many as we want. Sometimes it was hard to understand the instruction you know haha you have to guess. In the beginning we must open the door with 6 digits PIN number. We were only provided with world map, post card, poster and country’s flags. We found country’s code paper. Actually we almost found out how to crack the code, but we couldn’t organize our head, so we asked for a hint 😀

So, we have to connect the list of countries in the paper with our surrounding object. There are 3 countries that don’t have the object in the room. Okay, we input the code than we move to the next room.

We found a key hanging in front of another locked door. But again, we didn’t know which door the key belongs to haha We again asked the game master which door it is. He said the key is too open the box from the first room. O.o Oh okay, we accidentally closed the door, so we couldn’t go back. The staff then helped us to open the door from outside haha We closed the door because before we played, the staff told us that the hint from previous room will not be used again in the next room, so we just closed the door 😐
Anyway, we opened the box and found an adjustable wrench to open the ceiling door. After opened, we climbed up, and walk through the ceiling, and found a small room. It was like machine room inside the submarine. Small and full of iron pillars. Owh, we found a instruction book! I remember I saw this code in the second room, but I didn’t think to comeback there haha We asked the game master and He asked to go back and activate the generator.

Well, the instruction told us to connect the symbol based on instruction book. There is a generator and we have to activate 5 phases to activate the whole generator. The instruction said we have to connect using cable or hand if you don’t have any. We thought that we might push or press it with hand, but nothing happened. So, we asked what is the meaning of activating by hand to game master. He said we have to work together to connect the symbol, as if our hand were the cable. -_- oh okay, it is absurd. It worked anyway ahahaha

After the generator is active, another door was opened. It was a shelf, It was locked by iron stick. Then I tried to remove it, I opened it, and I just found wood stacks there. And I tried to remove the wood. There is a lock under the wood. We were asked to remove another key and drag the shelf open. We split the room. Yeah, I was amazed, there is a sesame room behind the shelf.

Then we went back to the boiler room at the ceiling. This time, you will like playing at the amusement park haha The game master asked us to hold tight and try to stay away from the iron pillars. But the room was very narrow, we didn’t have much space to stand either. Suddenly the room was moving as if we were sailing on the sea. I felt so dizzy. I hit the pillar so hard. It left me bruise for one week 😐

After the room stop moving, there is a new door open. Yeah the last room. The riddles in this room was not so difficult. We just have to arrange the initial name of crew from the youngest to oldest, or vice versa, I didn’t really remember. After we opened the lock, there were 4 keys and we must plug it into the central box. Then Game Over!!!

We finished it in 47 minutes haha

Despite the bruise, I enjoyed the overall game. Really hahaha The physical activity makes it more real and fun. I would give 4 of 5 for this story. 🙂


Pandora Experience – Ciputra Mall