2018 is almost end.
Long holiday begin.

To start my journey, I chose Tangerang as my first destination. My father told me that there is new nice place opened near Jakarta. Local people call the place “Kandang Godzila”. My reaction was “wait.. what? Godzila? Is it some kind of dinosaur museum or what?”
Then I tried to gather some information about it. The photos I saw were amazing. The place looks like a place where dinosaur used to live. I almost believe that there were a Godzila lives there. Haha
The name of the place is actually Koja Cliff or Tebing Koja. This place was a sand mine previously.

I was looking for the transportation to get there. I was hoping there is a way to get there without private car. A big thanks to those bloggers who wrote a review about the place >_< Yessss, I can go there with public transportation!

First time trying Jabodetabek’s KRL in Indonesia

Believe me, it was my first time taking a KRL in Jakarta hahaha KRL stands for Kereta Rel Listrik, it is a commuter line for commuting inside Jabodetabek area. You can use cash, commuter line card, or e-cash card (e-money, flazz, etc) to buy a ticket. Basically if you have card, just tap the card into the gate. haha If you only have cash, there is a ticket machine to purchase a single or round trip ticket. I just wasting money to buy a new commuter line card while having flazz card in my pocket 😐

Based on many reviews, I have to take KRL and get off at Tiga Raksa station. I took the KRL from Sudirman Station and transfer line at Tanah Abang Station. It took only IDR 6000 for a single trip. Cheap, isn’t it? 😀

It took around 1,5 hours to get there. After arrived at Tiga Raksa Station, take Ojek (motorbike) to Koja Cliff. Originally, the driver asked for IDR 35.000. I negotiated for IDR 30.000 and we departed :D. On the way, the driver offered me to visit another place after the cliff. There is a good object place near the cliff, the name is Cigaru Lake. So, the driver offered me an Ojek trip package for that two places.

We arrived at Koja cliff after 15 minutes. It was not that far as I thought it would be, so I thought IDR 35.000 was too expensive. If you have good negotiation skill, you might ask for lower price 🙂 In the front gate, each motorbike pays IDR 3.000 for the entrance fee. After the driver parked the motorbike, My friend and I went inside. But before, we were asked for IDR 5.000 each for the cliff entrance fee. Oh well, It is cheap, yeah still cheap haha I can see, it might be more expensive in the future haha

The best spot of Koja Cliff is the cliff that is surrounded by water. There is a cliff that resembles dinosaur’s head. I think the nickname was created because of that. From the entrance, go left directly when you see the first intersection. I chose to go straight first and left the best part for last. When you go straight, you will see a very very beautiful landscape from top! It was almost similar like the dinosaur habitat I saw in the dinosaur cartoon I watched when I was a child haha

If you creative enough, I think you will get a lot of good pictures here. Ah, there is also another good spot for taking picture, but you need to give extra entrance fee to get inside. It is like another block of village that is managed by another villagers. Because I did not want to spend any more money, I just left hahaha

I remember I left at 8AM from Sudirman Stn. and reached Tiga Raksa Stn at 10AM. I waited quiet long at Tanah Abang Stn though. I spent like 2 hours at Koja Cliff. It was almost 12PM when I saw my watch. Actually I could spend more time here, but the weather was very cloudy and almost raining. So, My friend and I left and heading to the next destination. Cigaru Lake.

The driver was waiting for us. It was easier that way, I saw there was not many Ojek in Koja Cliff. It is better to ask the driver waiting for you. Here is not Gojek’s area haha it was hard to find an Ojek there.

I will write about Cigaru Lake in my next post.


KRL one trip ticket – IDR 6.000
Ojek to Koja – IDR 35.000
Motorbike Entrance Fee – IDR 3.000
Koja Cliff Entrance Fee – IDR 5.000
Motorbike Parking Fee – IDR 3.000

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