Sept 14th 2013 is the second time for SNSD or Girl Generation come to Indonesia. First time is Sept 22nd last year for SMTown concert at GBK Jakarta and yesterday is for solo concert, Girl Generation World Tour: Girls & Peace concert, at MEIS Jakarta.

Yesterday was the third time I watched SNSD Live Performance, It such a nice experience to feel all the position in the stadium hall hehe First, I took terrace seat in Singapore stadium. Second, I tried Festival/ Standing area in GBK for SM Town. Third, I took the farthest seat among the stadium, Green C area. I support Go Green campaign xD hahaha the main point here is no matter what seat you purchased, it always be an amazing to see the 9 girls come down to perform 🙂 you can feel the tension wherever you are.

Just to remind me of how amazing the concert was, I want to write some notes for yesterday’s concert. The concert setlist is as follows:

Opening Concert – all audience standing singing Indonesia national anthem, Indonesia Raya.

01     Hoot (Korean Vers)

02     Animal (Girls & Peace 2nd Japanese Album)

03     The Boys (The Boys 3rd Korean Album)

04     I Got A Boys (I Got A Boys 4th Korean Album)

Mini Talk – They introduce themselves, some doing it in Bahasa Indonesia. Some of what I’ve heard:

Sooyoung: “Selamat sore, nama saya sooyoung, saya cinta kamu”

Yuri: “Apa kabar? Nama saya Yuri”

Seohyun: “Aku cinta padamu, aku Seohyun”

Taeyeon: “Apa kabar Indonesiaa? I’m Taeyeon”

Tiffany: (she introduced herself in English if I’m not mistaken. The point is she doing boing boing aegyo again and again -_-)

Sunny: “apakah anda tunggu kami?”

05     Say Yes (The Boys 3rd Korean Album). They sang it live

06     Dancing Queen (I Got A Boys 4th Korean Album)

07     Mr Taxi Korean Vers – Different Arrangement  than original version (The Boys 3rd Korean Album)

08     T.O.P (Girls & Peace 2nd Japanese Album)

09     Flower Power (Girls & Peace 2nd Japanese Album)

10     Paparazzi (Girls & Peace 2nd Japanese Album)

11     Run Devil Run (2nd Repackage Korean Album)

12     Reflection (Girls & Peace 2nd Japanese Album)

13     Promise (I Got A Boys 4th Korean Album)

14     Baby Baby (1st Korean Repackage Album). They sang the song live with different music arrangement which was made you shivering

15     I’m A Diamond (Girls & Peace 2nd Japanese Album)

16     Express 999 (I Got A Boys 4th Korean Album)

17     Genie Korean Version

18     Great Escape (Girls’ Generation 1st Japanese Album)

19     Can’t Take My Eyes of You

20     My J (The Boys 3rd Korean Album)

21     Kissing You

22     Himnae (Medley with Kissing You)

23     Gee

Mini Talks – They asked as what if they came again some time to Indonesia. Suddenly all Sone got excited and shake the stadium haha I forgot who said this, she said that it feels as if we had already come here 10 times. The atmosphere was amazing.

24     Forever – Last Song


25     Into The New World

26     Oh! (Oh! 2nd Korean Album)

Mini Talks – Once again they said that they want to see us again, but this time they will wait us in Korea xD haha

27     Twinkle – all girls was gone crazy, especially Yuri and Hyoyeon. Suddenly 2 carts full of balls came, Balls with their signature 😐 they threw the ball to all direction in festival area.

28     Closing with Touch the Sky as Background Music. They waved to all Sone and thanked us for the night.


Some footage from different sources:

For other footage and picture, maybe you can check out at twitter account @kaskusone or @KoreanConcert or just search hashtag #GGTourINA2013

The venue was not bad at all, because I’ve seen worst at SM Town haha even if I sat at Green C AND the luckily it was also the most back row haha, I could standing and do whatever I want since nobody whom behind me will be bothered, kwkwkwk From this view, I still could enjoy their performance clearly. Even if the far far away from my sight, but their performance still reached me >.<

The costume they wore was fabulous! Pink costume at the opening was attracting my eyes haha then the costume for Mr Taxi was cool. The lighting also the best, really support their stage performance, not forget to mention the LCD mirror for display hologram in stage also cool.

I’ve never seen their Japanese album live performance, such as song in Girls & Peace Album, yesterday was the first time and I saw their maturity in the dance performance. Really different group from last 2 years hehe Animal choreography was crazy. T.O.P and Reflection also very good with their property. They are no longer using big ship for singing Child, but change it into big cake when singing My J. Although few years have passed, they are still Girl Generation I knew hehe

What I regret is…. There were no Girls & Peace song at the concert list -_- and in some song, the sound was defect, reduce their aura when singing live. When the concert was over and time to exit the venue, the escalator was off, really slowing down the exit process with long queue inside the venue. Maybe there are still another comment from another Sone who took the others area, for example who took the Pink (Festival) Area, some said the it was horrible there hehehe

FYI, I’ve been hiatus for a while in updating all information about SNSD. But they are still taken my breath away during concert 😀 Even if I am not a Sone anymore, keep watching their performance is a different definition of joyful you had. I hope this group will have another innovation that keeps me curious about them. Girl Generation is jjang!

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